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Gateway Boys Academy

Gender: Boys
Age: 12-17
Location: Florida Panhandle

The Christian boarding school offers counseling and mentoring to help difficult, unruly, or unmotivated teenage boys who have gotten off track in life and need an improved focus on education, discipline, responsibility, and respect for authority. 

Gateway features all of the elements that will have the most positive life-long impact on boys in the shortest possible time, administered by loving mentors and peers who encourage them to succeed.

The accredited school, working ranch and farm, counseling and mentoring, competitive team sports, a spiritual emphasis, and our hands-on outreach to the community and missions trips to third world countries all combine to make young men all they can be, and more. Gateway Boys Academy is made up of caring, concerned staff, many of who have been in your situation with their own children. Their purpose in life is to help teenage boys turn around and begin looking at life differently.

Boys are given a new purpose, a new drive, and a new passion for being a better person and serving others. If you could see the before and after pictures of boys who have come through Gateway’s program, you would see a striking change to confident, happy young men. You would see selfish boys with a chip on their shoulders that are now ready to give the shirt off their back to someone in need. You would see boys without purpose who now have solid goals and direction for their life.

Gateway is not new at this. They know what works, and we see lives changed every day. They’re not making robots out of these kids, but building up young men with confidence, who thoughtfully consider their options, having learned that making bad choices leads to bad outcomes. Developing leaders of integrity and men of strength from foolish boys who were weak and headed for disaster is what Gateway does. teen challenge boarding schoolsSeldom is there an opportunity for a young man to lead five, ten, twenty, or more peers while in high school?

Young men at Gateway can reach positions of responsibility and learn leadership skills, which often transfer to college and the world beyond. Engaging academics in a structured environment is often easier for most, and it helps young men see a brighter future in terms of applying to college. Challenging a young man while his thoughts are big and his future is open is a wonderful part of what Gateway does.


teen challenge boarding schoolsParticipation in athletic activities is strongly encouraged at Gateway. Sports teach teamwork and camaraderie. These are invaluable interpersonal skills for a world absorbed by computers and gadgets. Knowing how to work with others is a critical skill taught by our military school. We have a beautiful gymnasium and large grounds for the boys to enjoy.

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Gateway is a Department of Education registered non-public school. Our teachers assist students in two available self-paced Christian curriculums (Accelerated Christian Education and Edgenuity), offering tutorial help when needed. A high school diploma is awarded upon graduation and assistance in obtaining ACT and SAT testing in the local schools.

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At Gateway, we emphasize individual learning. Once a student has individually mastered one concept, he may move ahead to the next concept without having to wait on a classroom of students, so many students are able to either catch up or get far ahead in their studies. School officials maintain professional transcripts and progress reports for record-keeping. Teachers at Gateway are accessible to parents on family weekends and by phone or email for updates on their son’s academic progress.

Our mission is to assist young men in setting and pursuing personal, educational goals. Because we are a year-round alternative type school, semester dates may not coordinate with traditional schools. Gateway Academy provides Florida state-mandated curriculum for middle grades 6-8 and high school grades 9-12. Every student has the opportunity to earn the required high school credits needed for graduation.

Students receive annual standardized testing with the Terra Nova CTBS (California Test of Basic Skills) test. The results are provided to the parent and the receiving school to which a student returns.

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Gateway Boys Academy
1213 Hope Ln, Bonifay, FL 32425

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